Production process

We at Kerpi EOOD cooperate mainly with suppliers of sunflower seeds, which are agricultural producers from the Northern Bulgaria. With many of them we have established long-term partnerships, which is a guarantee for the quality of our main raw material.

Quality control begins with the acceptance of the raw material in the facility for cleaning and calibration of seeds. An analysis is carried out of an average representative sample taken by our laboratory assistant and performed in the company’s laboratories, equipped with modern equipment for control and analysis of raw materials.

The cleaning and calibration of the products is carried out on a production line which is equipped with machines from leading companies in the cleaning equipment. Constant quality control is applied to the initial fractions, which are stored for further processing – packaging, peeling, pelleting, etc.

The sunflower seeds peeling production line is also built with equipment from leading companies in the industry. Quality control and conformity of the received products is strict and constant.

Production of pellets

Here at Kerpi EOOD, we have developed and implemented a waste management program. The main goals of the program are:

  • reduction and limitation of the harmful effects on the environment, arising from the main activity of the company;
  • improving the efficiency of the resources used;
  • maintaining of a healthy and safe working environment.

Waste from technological production is processed 98% in pellets for combustion, which in turn are widely used and considered one of the most environmentally friendly ways of heating, which is part of our company’s environmental policy.

The production line for production of pellets from waste and sunflower husk is realized with high-tech German equipment.

Production of roasted nuts

The other main part of Kerpi EOOD business is the roasting and packaging of nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. This production is carried out with the help of the most modern equipment from leading manufacturers of equipment for the food industry. Following the latest trends, all our products are packaged in a protected atmosphere, which allows the taste, smell and color of the product to be preserved for a longer period of time.

Strict and reliable control is carried out by means of integrated systems for monitoring the main raw materials, such as:

  • RFID system for tracking batches and warehouse stocks;
  • systems for reporting and continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity in storage facilities;
  • system for constant monitoring of indicators during heat treatment of products.

During the entire production process, ongoing control of critical control points is carried out. Average control samples are taken from each batch of sold production. The main policy of the company related to quality control is to send samples of our products for testing to an accredited laboratory during a certain period of time.