Pellets from sunflower husk

Pellets are made from completely natural sunflower residue and only by mechanical and thermal processing. They are made from residual materials, raw material that remains as waste in the food industry. These wastes are ground, dried, heated and then pressed with a machine so that the particles to be sticked together thanks to the lignin contained in the material and to form the known small granules.

They are suitable for pellet boilers,stoves and fireplaces ,where the specification describes the suitability for pellets.


Energy Content

19,3 ± 0,3 MJ/kg


Ø 6


9% ± 1%

Bulk density

580 ± 50 kg/m3

Ash Content

2,61% ± 0,50% Ag

Sulfur Content

< 0,11%

Non pelleted material

< 3%


renewable, clean-burning and cost stable heating alternative

Type of packaging

big-beg 1000 – 1100 kg



Pp bags

15 kg

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